The First Spark

I started Crossfit on November 5, 2012. I remember the fear most of all. I was terrified. I walked into a beginner seminar hoping there would be at least one other female in the room. Turns out, there were two and no one else. I survived. I loved it. The fear continued…

That first class… Oh dear Lawd… the first class… FEAR… I had heart palpitations long before the workout started. Walking into that first class was the hardest part of Crossfit yet.

But…. this post is about that First Spark… that first moment when I realized maybe I could do this… maybe I could actually be good at it… maybe I had found my niche. I was about a month in, going three days a week. We were doing Strict Presses and Math not being my forte (Book Nerd!), I just stuck weights on the bar without counting. The Coach came over and asked if I’d done the lift. I hadn’t. I attempted a higher weight, couldn’t do it, took off 10 pounds, and was going to try again. He said something about that amount of weight being BadAss. Hmmmm….. not something ever associated with me before. He stuck around for a bit while I was waiting to recover from my previous attempt. Clueless, it didn’t occur to me that he might be waiting around to see the lift. I attempted it… I attempted to lift 105 pounds above my head… I got halfway up and got stuck. Suddenly, I heard motivational cheering… My first thought, Oh, nice… someone else is trying to do a lift and they are cheering him on. I’ll pretend that it’s for me and maybe I can get this thing up there… and I did. After I put it down, I looked around and realized these people were actually cheering… FOR ME!!!! My Coach said, “Now THAT’S a Personal Record!”

Then he said the magical words that ignited The First Spark:  That’s a Record!

Huh??? I looked around at the board with all the records, which happened to be directly behind me, and the record for Strict Press was 100 pounds… Oh My Gawd… I was in Crossfit for one month and I’d beaten the Box record by 5 pounds! 

That was it… that was the moment when I suddenly realized maybe this CAN happen… maybe I can do this… maybe I really CAN get healthy. Maybe I am… strong???

Two months later, my name is still on the board. I have every intention of keeping it there. I’m also closing in on the bench press record, just waiting for the opportunity to go for a Personal Record. 

I am strong. For the first time in my life, I believe it. 

I am strong. 




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