Quick Update Before I Die

Oh yes, Dear Gawd (New Orleans speak for G*D), I think I’m going to die! Day 3 of no sugar, no flour, no grains… Oh wait… there’s a tiny bit of sugar in my tomato soup and a little in the two cough drops I had in the middle of the night… but other than that, I think I’ve been towing the line. I’m not counting fruit right now because then I’d surely be dead. I had an apple today and a couple of prunes… and a clementine. 

I can’t tell if I’m actually getting sick or if the withdrawals and the toxins leaving my system are to blame. I don’t have a fever so I’m erring on the side of the toxins. Holy Smokes am I cranky… and tired… and my head is pounding, my throat is itchy… I have post nasal drip… and my favorite, parts of my cheeks and mouth tingle and go numb from time to time throughout the day. I’m such a pretty picture that my Husband is probably grateful to be caught up in Snowmageddon. (He’s a meteorologist) He’s been spared my oh-so-pleasant company today. At one point, the thought of chewing anything made my head hurt more, so there was lots of soup/chili today. 

My blood sugars have been running on the low side all day, 79-84, so I decided to skip my nightime meds (Metformin). Should be fine.

I’m equally amazed at the intensity of the physical symptoms and the sheer idiocy of having done this to myself in the first place. This is one of those things that I need to NEVER forget because I sure don’t want to do it again! 

So, my friends, I’m hanging in there and the support I’ve gotten has been tremendously helpful. I appreciate it more than you know. 

And with that, I’m taking my cranky, irritable self… and my sanity-saving Chocolate Peppermint Herbal Tea (Paleo friendly… promise!) up to my room to snuggle in my favorite chair and read more of It Starts With Food. 🙂



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