Let’s Talk Numbers

I just finished Month 4 and I have a new set of stats. I took pictures, but the distance from the camera was different than the other pics, so I’ll have to retake them and post them later.

But before I get to my new numbers (probably next post, along with pics), there are a few old numbers I’ve been meaning to talk about. I have PCOS, a weird hormonal imbalance thing that sucks. It messes with all of my female hormones (my cycle), which in turn messes with my blood glucose levels, which then makes my body VERY efficient at packing on the pounds, particularly in the belly area. The good news is that it can be controlled with diet and exercise. The bad news is that I was NOT controlling it with diet and exercise… or even two different meds. Essentially, my metabolism was shutting down.

I also have a set of bloodwork 9 weeks into Crossfit. NINE weeks… 2 months and a week. What can happen in nine weeks? Even with NO dietary changes, turns out… A LOT!

Before Crossfit:
Fasting Glucose 93
A1c 6.2 (just .2 away from official Diabetes)

Nine Weeks into Crossfit:
Fasting Glucose 95
A1c 5.7

That’s a big jump down for my A1c in just 9 weeks, with NO dietary changes. I don’t have my initial Cholesterol numbers, but after 9 weeks:
Cholesterol 166
Triglycerides 122
HDL 43

Now… guys, you can skip the next paragraph!

The most telling marker for health (and metabolism) with PCOS is the overall length of the cycle. Normal is 28-36 days.
I just happened to start Crossfit right as one cycle was ending and another starting. I went from

105 Days…. to
55 Days… to
39 Days… to
29 DAYS!!!

In FOUR MONTHS, with no new medications and no dietary changes, I had a completely normal cycle and my metabolism is raring up and ready to go!!! It’s a MIRACLE!!!!

If you read my previous post, then you know I’ve started making those dietary changes… today is Day 7. I no longer feel like I’m going to die, but I do still have headaches off and on. I finished Wheat Belly, and it really helped me stay focused. I even made pancakes for one of the children’s sleepover breakfast and was fine. I’m going to try really hard to avoid the pitfalls of perfection (because Lord knows I’m a failed perfectionist who stubbornly keeps trying to be perfect!), and just do the best I can at any given moment in time.

My homework… keep doing what I’m doing, work on getting new pics, and come back and post about my fabulous Month 4 results!!!
See you at the box!!!




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