I Love Snatches!

Not something I ever thought I would say… snatches… :giggle:… Almost as much fun as telling someone I’m going home to spatchcock a chicken. :roflmao: Spatchcocking a chicken means cutting out the backbone and cooking it flat. It’s oh-so-fun to say and then watch the expressions on peoples’ faces!!! Okay… okay… I’ll stop snickering. Clearly, I have an inner 12 year old boy. 😉

Seriously, today was my very first day ever doing Hang Power Snatches and I thought they were so much fun. It’s the first time I felt like I was really throwing weights up over my head. I’m sure my form left much to be desired… and my max was only 75 pounds. I wished I’d have gone for 85 just to see if I could do it. I bet I could have. I did the workout at 55, and I’m kicking myself for not doing 65… but I can assure you that since it was paired with a total of 100 push-ups, my arms will most certainly be feeling it tomorrow. 

My eating has stayed on track. I forget what day it is… 11, 12? Something like that. I’m still having cravings, and I’ve noticed they are much worse if I don’t eat enough protein. There was a smidgen of sugar in the square of 85% chocolate (listed as the 5th of 6 ingredients) I had with my tea last night… but I haven’t had any wheat. 

I’m a bit worried about what I’m going to eat for dinner since I’m heading into DC to drop off three of my five children for the weekend. The twins are staying home, which is good because Corey has pneumonia. I sent the poor guy to school, thinking he wasn’t all THAT bad, just so I could go to Crossfit before I took him to the docs. Oops! Mommy guilt on that one… but soooooo much Crossfit fun today! Can’t wait to do Snatches again!!! 🙂




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