A New PR, Maybe Two

Yesterday at the gym, I had a chance to play around with Thrusters and find my one rep max. I ended up at 105#, which I was thrilled with. Thrusters were then used in the WOD, and I was able to do them at the Athlete weight or 55#. I’m continually freaked out about being able to do a few things at “The Athlete Weight” because I’m so far from looking like an “Athlete” it isn’t funny… but I’m getting there… and I will get there. I’m not as fast as other people yet, and my rounds are always fewer, but I am so far ahead of where I started, that it’s hard for me to imagine what I’ll be like in 6 months or a year from now. My brain just doesn’t go there yet. 

So last night, Thrusters must have been on my mind because when I was up at 2am dealing with a 6yo’s version of a catastrophic and life-altering foot pain that will leave him unable to continue with school the rest of the week, so he should just start Spring Break now… (I have imaginative children!)… I was going over my failed Thruster attempts at 110#. Suddenly, it occurred to me that for the first time ever, I got the dang bar up on my shoulders at 110#. I spent the rest of the night trying to figure out what the heck that movement is called… going from a hang position, a little dip, then popping the bar up on your shoulders. I’ve been stuck at 105# for weeks. Best I can tell from youtube, is that what I did is a Hang Power Clean… and if they keep PRs for Hang Power Cleans… I got one of those yesterday too! Sweet!!! Aren’t weights fun!!!

I no longer remember what day I’m on with the Whole9/Paleo eating thing… 14, 15??  I’m doing pretty well… little smidgen of dairy here and there… and there was a tiny bit of sugar in that 90% dark chocolate square I ate… but since my Hubby finished the rest of the bar for me, guess I won’t worry about eating too much of that. lol! 

I’m still waiting for all of this to translate to my waist… or the scale for that matter, but I’m trying really, really hard to not even get on the dang thing. The few times I did, I just pretended the number was a tad higher because of my massive muscle-building efforts. lol!!! Seriously, it was probably just a little water retention and it will all sort itself out eventually. I haven’t been back on since… promise! It’s my waist that’s really bugging me. Everything else is looser, and some things are getting more than a bit baggy, but I can’t go to the next size down until I get at least 2 inches off my waist. Wth??? Don’t really have a plan except to keep doing what I’m doing, because eventually, it’s got to get smaller…. right??? Otherwise, I’ll just buy myself a pair of clown pants, with the big huge waist and the skinny legs, and go on tour. 😉 

Happy Tuesday, y’all!!! 🙂



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