PRs All Around!!!

Every so often, my gym does a Crossfit Total. We get our max 1reps on Backsquats, Strict Presses, and Deadlifts, then we add up the total of pounds. I’ve done this three times, today being the third. I was thrilled to see this WOD go up last night because it gives me concrete evidence that I’m getting stronger. Weights don’t lie. You can either lift more than you could before, or you can’t. And I can!!!

My previous one rep max on backsquat was 145#, but I knew it had gone up since then. I’ve done 155# several times during warm ups. Today, I got to push myself, and after bailing out on the bottom of the lift, I picked it all back up and tried again… and I did it… all the way up to 205#! I’m thrilled with this number, but at the same time, I can’t wait to see it go up. I’m only 5 months in, and I know my weight jumps will be less dramatic from here on out, but I want to know just how far I can go.


I didn’t go up at all on my Strict Press, in fact, I went down 5#. I’m okay with that. I’m just about there and I’ve been fighting off an allergy/cold thing with herbal remedies, so maybe I just didn’t have those extra 5# in me today. I’m close enough so that there’s no shame. Next time…

I also PR’d on Deadlifts. My previous was 205# and I was shooting for 210#. I ended up at 225#. I had two failed attempts at 235#, and I got all the weights off the floor both times, I just couldn’t get my chest up and seal the deal. I think this is a form issue and with some practice, I’ll nail 235# with no problems!

All in all, I’m calling today a massive success and a tribute to what Crossfit can do in less than five months. And Coaches… I’m lucky/blessed enough to have amazing coaches!!!

Beginning Strict Press, ??? (I can’t find it, oops)… and Now, 105# (100# today)
Beginning Deadlift, 135#…. Now, 225#
Beginning Backsquat, 105#… Now, 205#

Less than FIVE MONTHS, my friends… I’m stunned!!!!


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