So I Finally Ate My Cracker

I have the awful tendency towards perfectionism. My whole life I’ve been all or nothing, perfect or why even bother. My adult life has been spent trying to avoid the perfectionism trap and do the best that I can before moving on to the next thing. Since I started moving towards Paleo and avoiding wheat, I haven’t knowingly eaten anything with wheat (including all starches). I started joking about needing to just go ahead and eat a cracker so I wouldn’t have to stress about being perfect and wondering when I was going to blow it, and if that was going to be the end of Paleo. The stress increased knowing I was going on vacation. So… while I was traveling, I decided to go ahead and eat my cracker, get it over with, and move on. My cracker actually turned out to be a side order of fried okra. 

And now… I move on. I haven’t eaten anything else with wheat or wheaty starches. I’m no longer perfectly Wheat Free for “X” amount of days…  and I don’t know what “Day” this is because I stopped counting. THAT is pressure… counting how many days I’ve been “perfect.” But I’m hanging in and doing my best… and isn’t that what really matters. 🙂


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