There was Running…

Running… my single biggest issue. I come from a family of marathon runners and I cannot run a single mile. Up until a couple of weeks ago, I couldn’t run 200 meters without stopping. As sad as that is to admit, it’s the truth. I still can’t run much more than 200 meters without stopping, but at least I keep going. 

Monday involved 200 meter sprints, five of them with a little weights and a 2 minute rest in between. NIGHTMARE scenario. Not only am I horrible at running, but sprinting??? I can’t even remember the last time I sprinted. I need to stop looking at the WOD before I walk in the door because whenever there is running, my anxiety goes WAY up! 

So Monday, I tried my best. I really did. There was no question about being last, that was a given. It was just a question of finishing with my dignity intact and hoping the lights were still on. Each sprint was slower and slower than the last. Each sprint had a bit more walking in there. As I finished my quick weights and headed out the door for my last sprint (which was really just a slow shuffle at this point), the most amazing thing happened… My Coach and my classmates, who’d all finished already, did the last 200 meters with me! :faint: They really did! I’m getting teary just thinking about it. It’s such a small thing and at the same time, it’s HUGE! It’s what makes me so grateful to be involved with Crossfit and the amazing people with whom I train. I can honestly say it was the single best moment of fitness I have ever experienced in my entire life! 

Today… more running. Eeek!!! The WOD started with a 1/2 mile run. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Remember, I’m the chick who care barely make 200 meters. I’m also the chick determined to keep chugging along until there’s no chug left in me. I did it! I walked some of it… but I did it. When I came in the door, my coach said I was on track for a 13-something mile, which is awesome for me! I consider it a great day if I can manage a 15 minute mile, mostly walking. I’m remembering several months ago, before the weather became cold, there was a workout that started with an 800 meter run, and I tanked. I did 400 and came back in to finish it out on the rower. Today, I did the 800 meters and followed it up with a 400 meter and then a 200 meter run/walk…. with some hanging knee raises (my version of toes to bar) and kettlebells in between. I did more running today than I have in years, maybe ever! As I was coming in for my last 200 meters, one of my classmates came out to check on me and finished the last 30 meters with me. That is so far beyond fantastic that there isn’t even a word for it. I finished strong, running that last 30 as hard as I could. 🙂

I can’t tell you that I’m not still afraid of running. I am. I’m more afraid of failing, of not being able to do it… but I keep doing it and my coach and friends keep holding my hand, right there with me. So many things I have done that I never thought I would be able to… 80 burpees in a single workout! OMG!!!… and I’m excited and ready to see what’s next… even if there is running. 🙂


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