What’s a Good Fran Time?

Today was my second Fran. I went into it with the thought of forgetting the first one, establishing a new baseline, and then going from there. Now that I finished, I’m still wondering, what makes a “good” Fran time? 

My first Fran, a few months ago, was just under 5 minutes. I felt like the time was good, but it just didn’t “feel” good. The weights (45#) felt too light and by the end, it didn’t feel like I’d done the epic Fran, but just another workout. I left thinking I should have done 55#. It was not a satisfying workout at all. 

Fran came back around today and I was looking forward to doing 65#. Right before the workout I realized 65# wasn’t the Athlete weight. It was the Competitor weight. SHOCK! I had it stuck in my head that I was going to do 65# and after some momentary fear of the word “Competitor” and my ability to do it… I just went for it. 

My time sucked! Instead of under 5 minutes, I was at 8:28. I realize Fran was designed to be a sprint and coming up on 10 minutes isn’t exactly a “sprint.”  However, it felt much better than my first Fran. It was much more satisfying. Where my first Fran felt easy, this Fran felt hard, doable, but hard. 

Now I’m wondering, where’s the magic sweet spot in the middle of weights vs. time. I’m going to try to find it by staying at 65# and working harder to get my time back down. When Fran comes back around again, I will be ready!

After Fran, I spent a bit of time working on lifts with the real competitor women in my gym. THAT was fun! My weights were great, consistent 115# push presses. I worked on form. I worked on negative pull ups. I am thrilled to be included in this group of very athletic women. Who knows… after a year or more, maybe I’ll actually BE one of them! Lori, the Athlete… HA! Wouldn’t that be something… 


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