Crossfit Total!

My very favorite workout!!! Crossfit Total is the cumulative weights of three specific lifts, back squat, strict press, and deadlift. Every 2-3 months, my gym does this so we can all see how much progress we’ve made. Every time it comes around, I am scared as heck that I’m not going to perform and make no progress. Every time it comes around, I’m astounded. 

I try hard not to pay attention to the weight totals as I’m working my way up to a one rep max. During the back squat, I successful did a lift, realizing simultaneously that I could go heavier and that it was my previous one rep max. AWESOME!!! My previous back squat was 205# and my new one rep max is 230#!!! I was THRILLED! I can almost back squat ME!!! lol!

The Strict Press was next. Last time, I was unable to match my previous one rep max of 105#, coming in at 100#. This time, I successfully matched the 105#. I’d like to see more progress, but something has been going on with my arms for the last few months. Things like Downward Dog and Inch Worms hurt the joint between my shoulder and my arm. Boy push ups also hurt more than they did a few months ago. Maybe I’m sleeping funny because it hurts a lot at night. I’m in a wait and see mode since it’s not getting any worse. I’ll take the 105# and be happy to maintain for a while longer.

My Deadlift went up as well. I easily did 225#, my previous one rep max, but then something happened and I tanked. I tried higher numbers and failed, finally working my way back down to 235#.

I’m happy with 235#, but I have to admit it smarted my arse that the girl next to me did 250#! Makes me want to go out there and work harder. I always say that I’m not a very competitive person, but I think sometimes I am. There are so few opportunities for a fat girl to get respect, and lifting is one of them, but only if you are one of the best. Rest assured, I’m going to kill myself to get my Deadlift up there. 250#… here I come!!!


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