This Weird Thing Happened at the Box Today

After the workout, we had to do a Cash Out… that one last little bit of work before we can walk out the door. Today’s Cash Out was a Farmer’s Carry using a couple of kettle bells, 35# each. We had to walk 200 meters, which was really more like 250 because it’s 25 meters just to get to the newly updated start line. But, I digress…

We all lined up and I joked about it not being a race… and off we went. I went all the way down to the 100 meter mark, turned around to come back, and noticed I was ahead of everyone. Huh??? Expecting to tank on the 100 meters back and be quickly overtaken, I started on the second leg of my journey. That didn’t happen. Funny thing… I crossed the 200 meter mark, turned around, and there wasn’t anyone even that close to me. WHAT??? How the heck did that happen??? I’m the girl who is ALWAYS last… always.

It was freaky! I double checked my weights… I triple checked my weights… Surely I’d gotten 25# kettle bells by mistake. No… So… I’ve decided it’s a combination of everyone else being super tired from Rx-ing the WOD… and six full years of being a twin Mommy, carrying my HUGE twins up and down stairs, across stores, through grocery stores, and everywhere else you can think of. They were SUPER big before they were mobile, and there was a lot of car seat carrying… for a long time! I can still carry them both up the stairs at the same time… 110# together.

It seems really silly, and a bit self-absorbed, to do a whole post about finishing the Cash Out first… It’s not even a real WOD, just the Cash Out, where people probably weren’t going all out, just trying to get it done… but y’all, this is the VERY FIRST TIME IN MY ENTIRE LIFE that I’ve been first in ANYTHING even remotely related to fitness!!! As melodramatic as this sounds, I’m going to remember this for the rest of my life!!!

I celebrated by promptly parking my butt on the couch and watching a 2-hour documentary about Einstein’s development of his Theory of Relativity. I am, after all, a Nerd! 😉


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