It’s the Little Victories

Sometimes I catch myself so focused on the big picture that I miss all the little victories that are happening every day… nearly every time I step into the box. I have to remind myself to step back and look at what I’m doing that I couldn’t do before. I finally nailed a 20 inch box jump for the first time, today. It was awesome! I’ve been working my way up with a 12 inch box and plates. I finally did it! I don’t know if I will be able to do 20 inch box jumps in a WOD yet, but it’s coming. There are lots of other little victories… doing 18 burpees in 2 minutes. I might have been last, but I can assure you that doing 18 burpees in ANY amount of minutes was something I could not do a few short months ago. Next time I’ll go for 20. Little Victories!

Speaking of last… I noticed this week that I’m not ALWAYS last anymore! Oh, sure, I’m still in the bottom, and still last more times than I care to be, but I’m not always the last one to finish any more. Little Victories!

And while I’m convinced my waist is not getting even the tiniest bit smaller, the rest of me is changing. I have more muscle definition in my legs. I have more flexibility in my hips. I went down a size in my shirts. I can bend over a bar now and not have my stomach get in the way. Today, I made the switch from sumo dead lifts to regular dead lifts, and I did it. Little Victories.

It’s hard to see all the little things that are changing, the little victories, when the big goals seem so far away, and still so unreachable… but I’m determined to get there. I’m getting really excited about hitting the 8th month mark, next month. 8 months… That’s well over half a year… that’s 4 short months shy of a whole year… THAT will be a victory!


3 thoughts on “It’s the Little Victories

  1. Love this. Too often I get frustrated with what I can’t do rather than what I can do now that I couldn’t do before. This is a great reminder πŸ™‚ (BTW — congrats on the box jump!!!)

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