Age of Confusion

What do you do when you’re getting a million different pieces of diet/fitness advice, all thrown at you at once? It can be really confusing… eat this, eat that, don’t ever eat that… Eat more, eat less, always count calories/fat/protein/carbs… don’t count anything. Once people find out your doing X style of eating, They seem to revel in telling you why it won’t work and you need to be doing Y style. It’s even worse when you’re watching them drop weight right before your eyes and you’re not. Recently, two different people dropped 30 pounds each doing two different things, causing the rest of us to question what we’re doing and why we’re not dropping 30 pounds like that.

I’ve really been thinking about this because what DO you do when people around you are dropping weight doing X, Y, Z and you aren’t. My first question is what kind of weight are they dropping. Are they dropping water weight? Heaven forbid, are they dropping muscle weight??? It happens more than most people realize. What does their body look like? Are they becoming more defined, meaning, are they gaining muscle while losing fat… or are they becoming yet another in a long line of skinny fat people. You know what I’m talking about… people who are thin, sometimes even skinny, but they have absolutely no muscle tone at all. They can hardly pick up their kids let alone a box of cat litter or a big bag of garden dirt.

As I’m progressing along, I’m becoming much more comfortable with how my body is changing and what I’m doing to make those changes occur. I might have only lost 20 pounds in the last 7 months compared to these 30-pounds-in-three-months people, but I can assure you that every single one of those pounds was fat. Not only that, but when you add in the massive muscle I’ve gained, I have lost a great deal more than just 20 pounds of fat. I’ve been told by someone I trust that it’s probably closer to 35 pounds of fat lost and 15 pounds of muscle gained. Suddenly my paltry 20 pounds is stacking up pretty well against Mr 30 Pounds, wouldn’t you say.

In the end, I’ve cleared up my confusion by just picking one thing and going for it. Right or wrong, I committed to Crossfit and mostly Paleo, and by goodness I’m seeing it through. In the past, I went with diet X, until someone convinced me to go with diet Y, which then let to switching to diet Z… and I not only didn’t lose anything, I ended up much worse than when I began. So… I’m staying the course and ignoring all of the X, Y, Z people, and politely nod when I receive advice, mostly keeping my mouth shut. Who knows, maybe it’s not the way of eating that’s important, maybe it’s the commitment to it that matters. I don’t know.

As for my choice, I’m all in… and I’m seeing some great results. I’ve avoided the scale for the last month, but I’m feeling great, I’m looking better, and my endurance is growing. Today, I even finished Jerry with a great-for-me time of 36:26, something unthinkable a few short months ago. Oh yes… I’m all in!


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