An Emotional Plateau

It’s not really a plateau, as much as it’s a step backwards and then a plateau. I’m hanging in there… not doing “great” but not doing so badly either. It’s been a very, very stressful week. My parents are visiting this week, which has been great. My daughter had a 5th grade promotion ceremony. It meant spending the whole day with my immediate family, my parents, my ex, and my former in-laws… all great people… but stressful none-the-less. 

Paleo??? Um…. yeah… things were going well up until the day of my daughter’s ceremony, Thursday. The stress was a bit too much for me and lunch consisted of Olive Garden’s Soup/Salad/Breadsticks… and there might have been a piece of cake… or two… in there. Since then, I’ve tried to re-group. I’ve been partially successful, but once again, my defenses were down, my emotions were stressed, and there was Father’s Day cake…. and cannoli. :*( I’m sure I’m also a bit unsettled about my daughter leaving for three weeks to visit her grandparents. Sure, the first week will be great, but then I’m really going to start missing her. She leaves tomorrow. 

My parents will be leaving on Tuesday, and after that, things will settle back down to normal. I have been able to maintain my Crossfit schedule, despite the chaos. I even managed a 6am class on the day of my daughter’s graduation. I think it’s keeping me semi-sane and keeping my eating semi-on-track. It’s been a great visit with my parents. As any overweight daughter with a thin mother can attest, sometimes things can be a bit rocky. Eventually, we learned to ignore the elephant in the room. Really, it’s a no-win situation for all involved. There is never a non-trigger-filled way to talk about weight, diet, eating habits, etc. My father did make a point of telling me that he can really see how much weight I’ve lost and that meant a lot. They leave on Tuesday and I probably won’t see them again until Christmas. I’m already wondering how I’ll look by then… will it be enough of a change from now??? 

My plan is to detox, detox, detox! All that bread, cake, etc has me feeling down, both physically and emotionally. Time to re-group, re-focus, and keep going! I have a Crossfit class at 9am, and it’s a great way to start out the week! It’s been a little step backwards and then a plateau… it’s not an all-out pig fest. It’s an easy recover…. I can do this! I will do this!!!


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