Crossfit Total… Just a few pics

It was a frustrating day. I think it started with only sleeping 6 hours before heading into a Crossfit Total. I also have added legumes back into my diet during my annual Clean Out the Pantry before my Summer vacay. I’ll also confess to a few grains and Friday night pizza. So… perhaps I wasn’t going into it as strong as I could have.

It was difficult. My back squat went up, but only by 5#. I guess I’ve reached the place where big gains are a thing of the past and it’s now time to fight for every pound. My daughter snapped a few pics for me today.

Next up was the Strict Press, which I tanked. My shoulder is still giving me problems. The pain is better and I’ve been working on mobility more, but there’s no doubt it’s weaker. It’s really effecting my chest press and my shoulder presses… and my strict press. Not only did I max out at 90, 15 pounds UNDER my previous one rep max, but I also got knocked off my first place spot on the leaderboard. Someone hit 110 today. Oh well… it was fun while it lasted.

Dead lifts weren’t awful today, but not exactly a success. I stayed where I was, 235# I do have a pic of my failed attempt at 245#.


Soooooooo close! Next time!!!
I have to keep telling myself that I might not have hit my goals… but what I’m doing IS awesome. I’m trying really hard not to focus on the fat… and how much of it is STILL there… but instead, how far I’ve come and how much of it is GONE! I’ll get there.


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