At Least my Liver isn’t Fat Anymore

I’ve been thinking about this post for the last few hours and I still don’t know what I think about my doctor’s visit today. I’m thrilled about my bloodwork… not so thrilled with the scale. 

Let’s start with the Happy! My Liver isn’t fat anymore! Yay!!! I have had a fatty liver for the last 7 or 8 years, at least. Last time, my ALT was heading in the right direction, but still had a bit to go. This time, it was completely normal… not even borderline… completely NORMAL!!!

I am a “fat-loving” girl, let me tell you! I love my morning bulletproof coffee with extra grassfed butter and unrefined coconut oil. I eat avocados on my eggs and in my salads. I roast my veggies with olive oil. I eat bacon about once a week but it would certainly be more if uncured bacon weren’t so dang expensive. This girl loves fat. There’s no doubt that I’ve increased my good fat intake over the last several months as my grain intake went down, and now, there’s no doubt that my liver likes it! Hooray for skinny livers!!! 🙂

Everything else looked pretty good too. My Vitamin D is outstanding at 89… and I religiously take 10,000mg a day. I’m sure some people think I’m going to kill myself by Vitamin D overdose, but my bloodwork doesn’t lie. Every time I stop supplementing, my levels plummet. Believe me, there’s enough fat on my booty to metabolize all that D, plus some! 

Oh, how can I forget about my A1c??? It was 5.5… also totally normal. This was the major catalyst for starting Crossfit in the first place. I’d crossed over from borderline diabetic to diabetic, or on the threshold anyway. Functionally, I was a there. Now… completely normal! Yay Crossfit! Yay Paleo-ish eating! 

Why am I not jumping for joy??? That damm scale again. My home scale and my doctor’s scale don’t match up. According to the doctor’s scale, I’ve only lost 5 pounds since my last visit, 3 months ago. So of course, the first thing I did was run home, take off all my clothes (DUH??? Don’t you?) and hope on my home scale to see the difference. Well… that was down a great big ONE pound! Ugh! Sucks!!! Any way you look at it, I’m down exactly 20 pounds….. in nine months. I keep telling myself that I’ve put on a heck of a lot of muscle… muscle that I can see and feel every single day. I keep telling myself that I’m doing bigger lifts these days, proof that my muscles are getting stronger. I keep telling myself that I’m running more than I ever did before. I keep telling myself that I’m just about 3 pants sizes down from when I started and the number on the scale does not matter… but at the end of the day, I’m still roughly 250 pounds and there’s no way to look at that and be happy or proud. 

I read stories all the time about people who lose 50 or 60 pounds in 3 or 4 months with Crossfit… and maybe they haven’t blown out their metabolisms like I have… or maybe they aren’t dealing with PCOS… but what am I doing wrong??? I’m leaning out, for sure… my coaches and my friends see it. I even saw my face recently and saw it smaller for the first time… so what’s the story??? 

The next thing I did after getting on my home scale, and getting dressed again, lol, was to come downstairs and make myself a nice salad for lunch, eat two pieces of 90% dark chocolate, and a couple of dark espresso beans… and now it’s time for the pity party to end. I’m meeting some friends at the 5:30pm class and I’m going to run my arse off and swings some heavy things over my head… then relax with a nice yoga class… and hit my regularly schedule Friday morning class… and just get on with it. 

Things are heading in the right direction… and I’m sure I could speed things along with some drastic changes, but here’s the thing… what I’m doing now is doable. I can do this for the rest of my life. I’m not making any temporary, radical dietary changes and I’m not going nuts at the gym. I’m living my life in a manner that I can sustain, and have sustained, for nearly 9 months now. It might take me a lot longer, but I’m going to get there… and because I haven’t done anything drastic, by God I’m going to STAY there!!!


3 thoughts on “At Least my Liver isn’t Fat Anymore

  1. It DOES suck when the scale doesn’t budget. 😦


    Sounds like you’ve given yourself the same pep talk I would have given you, ending with: “I’m living my life in a manner that I can sustain, and have sustained, for nearly 9 months now. It might take me a lot longer, but I’m going to get there… and because I haven’t done anything drastic, by God I’m going to STAY there!!!”

    Just keep it up. Losing weight is different for everyone — don’t compare yourself to others who are losing it faster or differently. AND just look at a picture of yourself before you started — that in and of itself is great motivation!

    And besides, CONGRATS on the blood test results!!!! That’s incredible!!! Love hearing things like that — proves that eating clean/Paleo really does work & makes your body happy!

  2. Way to go!!
    Remember, may scales are not calibrated. And scales at doctors’ offices tend to get bumped around quite a bit. It is not unusual to have them be “off.”
    The numbers don’t lie, though. Your blood work says it all. (((hugs)))

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