Check in from Florida

Vacations are never vacations with a large family. It’s stressful. There’s always an element of chaos. Plus, as drama-free as I’d like my life… three teenagers and two six-year-olds just SCREAM drama… literally… SCREAM!!!

I had two goals at the outset of my vacation: 1) DO NOT GAIN WEIGHT; and 2) Workout a few times.

I don’t know how I’m doing on the first part of the goal, won’t know until I get back, but as for the second part, I’m doing alright. I had two formal workouts at the resort gym, a few VERY active days (12 hours at Disney), and a great pool workout full of push presses, bicep curls, and jumping squats using the 6 year olds as weights. lol! Chances are that I’ll be able to get a few more workouts in before I leave Friday morning.

Now… the struggle… the trip down wasn’t so great. There was a lot of drama and stress with the kids and I turned to food. There was a Cracker Barrel for breakfast on the road… and we’re in the South so there were grits… and gawd I miss grits… and there was a biscuit or two. After that first breakfast, I decided to make my non-paleo indulgences really count. I chose my cousin’s homemade mac and cheese with 3 different gourmet cheeses… and her old fashioned green beans, which I haven’t eaten in years. Basically, I chose food that is special to me and that I’m unable to get anywhere else…. a begniet… a half of a roast beef po-boy made with french bread flown in from Dorignac’s Grocery in New Orleans… important stuff! I find myself doing really well for breakfast and lunch. I even do well at dinner… but for some reason, I’m eating a bite of this or a bite of that after dinner… of the not so special stuff.  For the last two days, I’ve done really well, but there’s no doubt I feel compelled to eat more in the evenings. Maybe it’s the stress of the day catching up with me. Maybe it’s my food addiction. Whatever the reason, I need to figure it out or I’ll never make the first part of my goal… DO NOT GAIN WEIGHT ON VACATION!


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