It Ends With a BANG!

I thought it would go out with a whimper. My first full year of CrossFit ended yesterday. The big event, my present, the highlight, was a couple of weeks ago, that awesome Festivus Thruster, and I fully expected to just coast through the rest of my first year, eagerly looking forward to the next. (Holy run-on sentence, Batman!) It didn’t happen that way. What happened??? Well… I knocked my socks off!!!

CrossFit Total was yesterday, the last day of my first year… fitting because my very first day of CrossFit was also CrossFit Total. I have to say, I was a bit nervous going in. I’d taken 5 weeks off from doing anything overhead to let my shoulder heal. I’d also switched all back squats to front squats because it hurt to get my shoulder in the right position. Frankly, I wasn’t expecting much. I did decide to do the Total out of order. My Deadlift had been stalled at 235# for about 6 months and I really wanted to concentrate on that, especially since I was expecting a poor back squat.

Let me stop here for a second and reiterate, I’m a Book Nerd… a geek… not the cool sciency/math type… but the rather plain and boring book type. My incredibly poor math skills are important for our story. Now…

So, I’m throwing weights on the deadlift… lift, add, lift, add. I sorta knew how much weight was on there, but it’s always best if I don’t know. My awesome coach is keeping track, making sure I’m safe and correcting a couple of form issues…. and BAM, I finally hit a wall and can’t lift one more thing… and my coach comes over and tells me how much weight I really had on the bar. 275#!!! Holy Batman and Robin!!! I had no idea! I added wrong and thought I was in the neighborhood of 240-250. I hit a 40# pr!!! There was a little cheering (okay… maybe it was just me cheering!) and some pats on the back!!! It was unbelievable!

Next, I head over to do the rack for a strict standing press. I am rehabbing my shoulder. It’s getting better. I’m finally going back overhead without pain so I wasn’t expecting much here. My last CrossFit Total I was only able to get 85#. My personal best was 105#, but that was a year ago and it’s been holding steady, or going down, ever since. Slow and steady… the numbers went up. I topped out at 110#!!!! Coming off of an injury, I was FLOORED!!! It’s a 5# pr! I’ll take it!!! 🙂

Finally, the back squat… again, lift, add, lift, add. Frankly, I had no idea how much weight I had on the bar. I didn’t stop to count, and let’s be honest, I usually have to triple count to get it right and I didn’t want to take the time. My awesome coach came over just as I was adding a set of #15’s on there, and he double checked my last pr… and said he was going to spot me on the lift… ALL clues that maybe I was in shaky territory and possibly in over my head. Well, my roots are dishwater blonde so I missed it and just happily went on with my lift. I was stuck coming back up. It felt like an eternity, but probably was only a second or two… and then I pushed through my hips… and finished the lift! I still had no idea what it was, thinking it might have been 245 or so. My coach finally told me… 265#!!! Holy Smokes!!! I could NOT believe I just did that, a 30# pr. I never would have made that kind of jump if I could actually do math! lol!!! Sometimes, ignorance IS bliss!!! This time, there really WAS cheering and high fives and all kinds of excitement (probably still mostly from me)… but I was floored! I didn’t expect it… it was my last lift of the day… and it was brilliant!

Since my first and last day of this past year were both CrossFit Total days, I’m able to see exactly what’s changed in the last year. I’ve already talked about all the chemical changes… and still, the lack of real physical changes (i.e. my pant size!)… but now I can tell you how much stronger I’ve gotten over the last year. It’s unbelievable. It’s freaky unbelievable.

Back Squat, Day 1… 105#
Back Squat, Now… 265# (160# difference!!!)

Strict Press, Day 1… 105#
Strict Press, Now… 110# (5# difference. Apparently, I was always freaky strong in shoulder lifts, likely from the twins!)

Dead Lift, Day 1… 135#
Dead Lift, Now… 275# (140# difference!)

Total Day 1… 345#
Total Now… 650#

My CrossFit Total went up 305# in a year!!!

Are you as SHOCKED as I am??? Those numbers are amazing! I know that it won’t ever be this way again. You just can’t make these big number leaps from here on out… but I’m sure I’ll still be making some leaps this next year… and I can’t wait! 🙂

Today is Day 1 of my Second Year in CrossFit! Time to work on some weaknesses (endurance/sprints) and work more on my diet. It’s going to be a GREAT year!!! 🙂


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