Checking In After Thanksgiving

How’s it going? We passed Thanksgiving, the kick off of Eating Season and we’re heading straight into the Apex, Christmas!!! I had my little wake up call and I’ve made a few changes around here. There were a couple of typical American eating days around Thanksgiving, but I’ve pretty much held to my paleo plan… much, much less grain, more meats and veggies, hardly any snacking at all. Things are looking up at Cottage O’Hurley. Project Smaller Lori is on track and heading in the right direction. My hope is that this will translate to the scale in a positive fashion…. and translate even better to a smaller pants size! It might be unrealistic to hope to get smaller between Thanksgiving and Christmas… but why not. I either make my goal or stay the same. Nothing wrong with that! 

Yesterday, my gym had a CrossFit Total 2. I’d never done one before, never even heard of it… but I love lifting and I love one rep max days, so I was as happy as could be. I ended up with some great numbers. Does anyone else just sit back and look at your weights with shock? There always comes a point near the end of my one rep max when I just look at the weight and think, what the heck am I doing??? This is crazy heavy. How the heck am I going to lift this??? Then the magic happens and I do… and usually I have a friend nearby who says that was great and add 10 more pounds. Lol! Friends are very motivating and the very best part of CrossFit!!! There’s always someone there who can outlift me… or run faster than me (lol, not very hard when I run at turtle speed!)… or has more endurance than me. I’m grateful because these women are paving the way and showing me that it CAN be done! They are awesome!!! 

Crossfit Total 2 is the added weight totals of an Overhead Squat, a Bench Press, and a Clean. My hope was to hit 350, which was iffy because my shoulder doesn’t like Overhead Squats and Benches. It was a happy day and my shoulder cooperated. I ended up with 385!

Overhead Squat… 105# (pr)

Bench Press… 125#

Clean… 155# (pr)

Then, since I’d already cleaned the bar up, I just wanted to see if I could Jerk it all the way up… and hit a new Clean and Jerk pr of 145#. Yesterday was a great day. Now… reality is going to hit and hit hard. When we have a mostly lifting day, it’s usually balanced out by a week of cardio/burner wods. My end goal is to be more balanced… keep my weights high and increase my speed and endurance. I’ll have the rest of the week to work on it. Let’s just hope I’m still breathing by the end. 🙂


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