Oh Nautilus Machines, You’re So Good For My Ego

Today is a rest day. The Hubs is home and I decided to tag along with him to his globo-gym.

There was a time, before kids, when I regularly worked out on Nautilus Machines, dutifully going down the line, 3 sets of 10, going up every other week. I never actually saw much progress, but it was fun, when it wasn’t boring or lonely. Eventually, life got in the way and to be honest, I lost motivation when the results weren’t spectacular. I thought it would be fun to play around with the machines today and see how much I’ve progressed since I’ve been crossfitting. It’s been a year since I used a machine.

Started with machine bench presses. I love bench presses and my real life (Crossfit) one rep max is 135#. I knew it would be higher on the machine, but even I was stunned to top out at 185# :faint: Lol! That would never happen with a bar and plates! I remember playing around with this last year and I was topping out at 145#. There’s clearly been some gain in the last year. 🙂 Moved on to tricep curls next. I don’t have a baseline for them, but I was thrilled to max out at 130#. I could have lifted more but at that point, I wasn’t able to lock out at the end, so I called it done. There’s no isolated tripcep curl in Crossfit. It’s sorta combined with strict push ups.

Finally, I went over to the quad machine and started around 50#. It flew up. lol!!! Okay… moved up to 100 and then moved the peg down the plate after every rep… and kept moving the peg down the plate after every rep… and kept moving the peg… and I maxed out the machine!!! :roflmao: O.M.G. I maxed out the leg quad machine and I know I had more in the tank. My final press was 245#!!!


That is CRAZY!!! How the heck did it happen??? I don’t know. Crossfit must be doing something right. Clearly, I’m getting stronger. It’s exciting!!!

I did notice something while at the local globo-gym. It was lonely. There were lots of people there and lots of trainers milling around, but no one talked to each other. There wasn’t anyone there to cheer me on or give me a fist pump at the end. And frankly, halfway through my peg-moving, I lost interest and walked around for a few minutes before coming back to finish. Everyone has their niche, the exercise that excites them and gets them going. I’m so glad I’ve found mine!


So Many Good Things

It’s truly been a week of WIN around here. It certainly hasn’t been perfect… I certainly haven’t been perfect… but overall, things have been pretty darn good! My eating has stayed relatively Clean throughout the week. I’m still having a “Fun” meal once a week and it’s really helping to solve any deprivation issues that might come up.

This whole second year has been about endurance, trying to move more during workouts, taking fewer/shorter breaks… and for the last two months, it’s been about increasing my running. Seriously, my running was pretty weak. I could do 200 meters without stopping but 300 was a stretch. I started running before and after my wods with the intention of increasing them to 800 meters (half a mile). If I could do this, I could do any workout thrown at me, except for specialty ones like Murph and Jerry. This was my goal. I started doing 400 meters (200/break/200) before wods and after wods. Using my run/breaks/run system, I worked my way all the way up to 800 meters and then it was time to start stringing them together (300/break/200/break/200/break/100). Eventually I got to 400/200/200. Then last week, there was a HUGE jump and I finally ran 800 meters at once!!! I was able to repeat it a few more times! SUCCESS!!!

Yesterday, the most amazing thing happened. I did about 850 meters without stopping before the workout and again after… but after the workout, I decided to just keep going. I was running around my building and 4 1/2 times is a full mile. I did my planned 2 1/2 and just wanted to see if I could do 3 1/2. I was slow… but I just kept moving, no walking, no stopping. I made the 3 1/2 and realized how close I was… one more time around the building and I was going to hit a full mile! I’ve never run a full mile in my entire life… EVER! I’ve never even come close. Before I started Crossfit I was struggling to run 100 meters without stopping. Well yesterday, the weather was a perfect 78 with low humidity and a slight breeze. I actually was able to say a few words while running, which is HUGE since I’m usually struggling for breath. Conditions were perfect… and I went for that last time around the building… AND DID IT!!! Yay!!! I hit my very first mile!!! I actually ran a total of 3 1/2 miles last week in addition to my regular crossfit/lifting!!! That’s amazing to me. It’s unbelievable when you think about where I started. I can’t WAIT to do it again!!!!

Actually, I’m not sure when I’m going to do it again. I know, I know, I’m “supposed” to keep adding distance but that’s not my goal. My goal was to be able to run well enough to not have a small panic attack when running showed up on the workouts. I’ve done that. Now I’m shifting my goal a little to work on speed. My mile was probably in the 12 minute range. I’d like to get faster. I have a new program that consists of my usual 800m run before the wods and speed work/sprints after the wod. This should keep my ability to run any wod… and increase my speed and give me better wod times! 🙂 I start Monday!!! (Thanks, Anna, for the program!)

Something else MAJOR happened this week. Someone told me that Target goes up to a size 18 in their Misses department. I haven’t been in a regular department in probably 15 years. I decided to go check it out. Hubs and I ran over there after a workout and I grabbed a pair of shorts and a pair of jeans, both in a size 18 AND a size 16. I was being optimistic. I headed over to the dressing room with a VERY apprehensive Hubs. He’s been witness to more dressing room crying than I want to admit. I tried on the 18 shorts and they were TOO BIG! It wasn’t even close. There was a big gap at the waist. Feeling fainty… I grabbed the 16’s and tried them on and oh my goodness… they fit! I haven’t been in a REGULAR store in a REGULAR Misses Department in a REGULAR size in YEARS! It was an amazing moment. I repeated it with the jeans and once again, the 18’s were clearly too big and the 16’s fit perfectly… See:


Overall… It’s truly been a great week. I know they all can’t be this great… but I’m so thankful this one truly was!