So Many Good Things

It’s truly been a week of WIN around here. It certainly hasn’t been perfect… I certainly haven’t been perfect… but overall, things have been pretty darn good! My eating has stayed relatively Clean throughout the week. I’m still having a “Fun” meal once a week and it’s really helping to solve any deprivation issues that might come up.

This whole second year has been about endurance, trying to move more during workouts, taking fewer/shorter breaks… and for the last two months, it’s been about increasing my running. Seriously, my running was pretty weak. I could do 200 meters without stopping but 300 was a stretch. I started running before and after my wods with the intention of increasing them to 800 meters (half a mile). If I could do this, I could do any workout thrown at me, except for specialty ones like Murph and Jerry. This was my goal. I started doing 400 meters (200/break/200) before wods and after wods. Using my run/breaks/run system, I worked my way all the way up to 800 meters and then it was time to start stringing them together (300/break/200/break/200/break/100). Eventually I got to 400/200/200. Then last week, there was a HUGE jump and I finally ran 800 meters at once!!! I was able to repeat it a few more times! SUCCESS!!!

Yesterday, the most amazing thing happened. I did about 850 meters without stopping before the workout and again after… but after the workout, I decided to just keep going. I was running around my building and 4 1/2 times is a full mile. I did my planned 2 1/2 and just wanted to see if I could do 3 1/2. I was slow… but I just kept moving, no walking, no stopping. I made the 3 1/2 and realized how close I was… one more time around the building and I was going to hit a full mile! I’ve never run a full mile in my entire life… EVER! I’ve never even come close. Before I started Crossfit I was struggling to run 100 meters without stopping. Well yesterday, the weather was a perfect 78 with low humidity and a slight breeze. I actually was able to say a few words while running, which is HUGE since I’m usually struggling for breath. Conditions were perfect… and I went for that last time around the building… AND DID IT!!! Yay!!! I hit my very first mile!!! I actually ran a total of 3 1/2 miles last week in addition to my regular crossfit/lifting!!! That’s amazing to me. It’s unbelievable when you think about where I started. I can’t WAIT to do it again!!!!

Actually, I’m not sure when I’m going to do it again. I know, I know, I’m “supposed” to keep adding distance but that’s not my goal. My goal was to be able to run well enough to not have a small panic attack when running showed up on the workouts. I’ve done that. Now I’m shifting my goal a little to work on speed. My mile was probably in the 12 minute range. I’d like to get faster. I have a new program that consists of my usual 800m run before the wods and speed work/sprints after the wod. This should keep my ability to run any wod… and increase my speed and give me better wod times! 🙂 I start Monday!!! (Thanks, Anna, for the program!)

Something else MAJOR happened this week. Someone told me that Target goes up to a size 18 in their Misses department. I haven’t been in a regular department in probably 15 years. I decided to go check it out. Hubs and I ran over there after a workout and I grabbed a pair of shorts and a pair of jeans, both in a size 18 AND a size 16. I was being optimistic. I headed over to the dressing room with a VERY apprehensive Hubs. He’s been witness to more dressing room crying than I want to admit. I tried on the 18 shorts and they were TOO BIG! It wasn’t even close. There was a big gap at the waist. Feeling fainty… I grabbed the 16’s and tried them on and oh my goodness… they fit! I haven’t been in a REGULAR store in a REGULAR Misses Department in a REGULAR size in YEARS! It was an amazing moment. I repeated it with the jeans and once again, the 18’s were clearly too big and the 16’s fit perfectly… See:


Overall… It’s truly been a great week. I know they all can’t be this great… but I’m so thankful this one truly was!







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