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I have a wonderful Hubby.

I have a lot of wonderful kids.

I read a lot of books.

I drink a lot of tea.

I’m on a journey to health… however long it takes… one inch or one step at a time. 🙂



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Happy THREE Year Anniversary to Me!

I can’t believe it’s been three full years on my Journey to Health! If you ask anyone in my life prior to the last three years, I’m pretty sure they will also tell you how unbelievable it is. It’s crazy! Never in my life have I ever done anything consistently, These last three years have been a wild ride and my life will never be the same.

I know I’ve let my blog go, and that makes it look like I’ve slipped and messed up, but I haven’t. I’m still doing in my thing… Crossfit 4 days a week and attempting to balance the macros most of the time. I like to joke that I’m taking the Scenic Route to health. Lol!

What everyone wants to see is how much weight have I lost. People are still preoccupied with that number on the scale. I don’t really care about that number anymore. I think I weighed myself a few months ago and I’m smaller now, but I don’t know what I weigh. I’m far more concerned about other numbers… My A1c, which is NORMAL… My fasting glucose, which is NORMAL… My weights in the gym, which are killer high! These are the numbers that matter to me. The scale… well it will come eventually. I’m having another bod pod analysis done in two weeks and I’ll have specific numbers, but according to the last one, done almost a year ago, I have 152# of lean mass and I was still gaining muscle and losing fat at a reasonably fast rate.

Most of all, I’m happy! I’m happy with the journey that I’m on. I’m happy with my life. I’m happy with my family, my dog, my gym, my friends…. I’m just happy! For someone who spent most of her life fighting depression, this is a truly amazing thing to say… and an even more amazing thing to feel!

Want to see a pic? How about some side by side pics?


Am I done? No way! I’m probably only halfway to where I want to be. Progress seems to come in spurts with periods of stability… and I’m okay with that. This whole thing didn’t go as planned. I thought I’d be done by now. I really thought I’d be done in about a year… then came two… and now three… and there’s more to go. However, it’s getting there… one step at a time. The definition of “getting there” keeps changing. And that’s okay too. 🙂

Celebrate with me, my friends, especially those of you who carried me along the way. You know who you are. I’m forever grateful!!! Happy Three Year Anniversary… to Us!

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